How to Run Dell Computer Hardware Diagnostics

Because these may take a long time to run, we recommend starting them before you leave at the end of your day so they can run over night.

1. Reboot your computer and press the F12 key as soon as you see the Dell screen that shows right before the Windows screen.  If you miss it,
just wait for Windows to finish starting and try again.

2. Now you should see the black boot menu screen.  From here it depends on which model of computer you have, but the steps are similar for all.

3. Use the up/down arrows to select “Diagnostics”.


4. The Diagnostics will automatically start running. Take pictures of any errors or results that pop up during the diagnostics. Provide those results to your support. 

5. Email or call the Act Now Technologies with any error messages you get.  If you don’t get an error message, then your issue is probably software or network related.